is Google unfair to Microsoft?

Like most of you I've read many interesting pieces about the ongoing Microsoft/Google ecosystem war.On the last vergecast there was an discussion about the Google ethos. Although the two parties are getting increasingly aggressive I think that Google less wrong than Redmond here.

  • Each company tries to promote some standards. But Google's one are free and open source. Should Google have paid for windows phone users? The same is true for the maps problem. Mobile devices use their GPU to zoom in and out and unlike Microsoft every player use khronos group's open standard. That's why it's ridiculous to see Microsoft complain and qualify WebKit as a new IE6. WebKit and openGL will never become monopolies.
  • I think that the main " stab" was the money Microsoft earn from android. This is what made Google so mad. And android isn't a monopoly either, Amazon blackberry, tizen benefit from the apps. If you look at some of windows latest feature : a multi architecture runtime, a multi architecture kernel and graphic APIs for smartphone and desktop, you realise that those are closed source equivalent of the dalvik runtime the Linux kernel and the openGL APIs. So much for true innovation. Still Microsoft is able to sue android manufacturers and to win!
A third player in the mobile space is a good idea, but closed standards are only good to one player. I'm not sure we need Microsoft as much as it need us...