Google Voice Search: (iPad app and Android)

I just got my Nexus 4, and I was trying out the voice search, which worked great and spoke out answers from cards. However, I did notice that it wasn't the same as the Google Search app on my iPad. In my experiments, the iOS app spoke out more answers than did the Android app. For example:

Query: "California"

iPad: Comes up with a card (with basic info of the state) and it speaks "According to Wikipedia, California is a state located on the West Coast of the United States"

Nexus: ...A card with a map followed by regular search results...(No spoken answers, no additional info)

Query: "What is the iPod Touch"

iPad: A card with a "web definition" comes up between regular search results, and it speaks "the ipod touch (stylized, trademarked, and marketed as iPod Touch) is a portable ....... (voice goes on)"

Nexus: ...Regular search results... (No cards, no spoken answers)

Query: "Thank you Google" (I wasn't expecting this to work, but it did)

iPad: voice: "no problem"

Nexus: ...Regular search results... (No spoken answers)

There are more examples, but what I want to say is I totally do not understand why Google is letting the iOS app be better than its native Android app. Sure, you can't do on-device actions on an iDevice with Google Search app, but why does the iPad have more summarized and spoken results??

Has anyone else experienced this problem? What do you think?

PS: the voice recognition also seems slightly better on the iOS app.