So is broadcast resolution always going to be behind display res?

So 4K TVs are the new big thing at CES. What the heck are we going to do with a 4K TV? They only thing I can see using a 4K TV for is Blu-rays and maybe the next gen of video consoles. Other than that, cable TV is still stuck on mega compressed 1080i/720p and streaming 1080p video content over data-cap-happy ISPs isn't even a sure bet for a smooth experience. Imagine 4x the resolution being sent through our current pipeline. ISPs are already complaining about Netflix and other streaming content, what are they going to do when 4K comes to town.

My biggest problem is that we are still watching the compressed 1080i/720p broadcasts on OTA TV and cable. HD broadcasts started in the late 90s in the US and we still are using the same resolution as 15 years ago....and compressing it.

So I ask, are we stuck with higher resolution TVs than the signals we can receive?