Windows RT - was it a good idea?

I had a post written saying Microsoft should have scaled up Windows Phone to put it on tablets and focused on finishing 'Windows Blue' in 2012. Rather than bore you was just hoping for discussion around this strategy and if it would have been better than what Microsoft have done now. Rumours say 'Blue' will provide a unified development environment so apps made on x86 would be more easily ported to Windows Phone and Windows 'Tablet'. Windows Phone was made to have a shared core anyway, so ditching WoA seemed like a win-win. Windows would have elements of Windows 8's Metro environment, but would pay proper homage to the Windows Phone implementation which I believe to be better.


- better tablet hardware (screen resolution)

- better tablet performance

- support for smaller tablets

- consistent UI between phone and tablet (where it makes sense)

- even easier development process for applications

- one scalable OS for consumers (Windows Phone/Tablet) and another for professionals (Windows Desktop) instead of the current situation of maintaining 3.

- easier marketing message to consumers


- no Office

- devices actually have to compete on merit rather than necessity, i.e. difficult to build up a big installed base without Windows installs (a tough pitch to developers)


- consumers in general does not care about x86 applications on a tablet

- consumers also does not have any affection for Windows, Microsoft missed a big opportunity to rebrand both the phone and tablet operating systems here

- pen input scenarios seem limited to x86 and intel processors for now, Windows RT has done nothing to address this, and it's a niche use case

- it's better to sell people what they want rather than what they need. People need old Windows, but they want iPads (and to a lesser extent, Android tablets)

- so far Windows tablets are stuck with laptop specs in the most important aspect - displays. And at the moment, Metro scales better for HiDPI resolutions but it's not great

- Ballmer does not inspire any kind of confidence