Skydrive, why have you shrunken?

Now that I finally have to opportunity to buy apps/games (was unable to do it with a debit card in Croatia until recently), I started making plans how to switch from my old trusty hoztmail to a brand new email address.

But hell, than I realized that I only have 7GB of storage on the new address. Buying more is not an option right now.

So I'm wandering if I use the new address as my main windows account on my WP, and in the future W8, will I be able to see files/photos from my old hotmail account if that hotmail account is not the main one on the device?

So office/pictures hub on WP and photos app on W8?

If not, is there a way to do it?

Also, if I set one email address to forward to another, will my sorting rules still apply, or will it just shove them into one folder?