Is Steve Ballmer a hero?

One thing pretty much everyone with a bit of brain grease knows is that you shouldn't annoy the people who have power and money. And although people have qualms about W8 I have to admit that Microsoft actually seems to be on some sort of strange anti-capitalist trip. The most loyal Windows strongholds are the corporations, governments and firms, the people with the POWER and the MONEY, yet Ballmer tries everything to annoy them! I mean WinRT doesn't even have APIs for scanner access:

Scanning is not a supported Metro scenario in Windows 8.

That means LOTS of businessy scenario is out of the window right there (document management, OCR, archiving software, lots of LOB cases etc.) Not to forget the other Metro limitations, Metro on Server 2012 and the hefty price increases for Office products recently. I mean even if the goal is to squeeze everyone on Azure and Office365 like some people are thinking - how are you gonna fill these web interfaces with data in Metro 8 when most biz stuff involves mega-complicated forms, copying one set to another (thus multi-window) and very often scanning of documents? The former got vastly harder and the latter is impossible.

So, think of W8 what you will, but you've got to admit that Ballmer is seriously sticking it at those rich, powerful corpy bastards ! A brave man. The Robin Hood for the new millennium!