Best laptop for $1400 ?

hello folks,
I'm looking for a laptop, under $1400. It can be mac or PC, if it's PC i prefer vaio. Right now im b/w vaio z or macbook air, only prob is vaio z is going out of my budget. I was thinking of getting macbook pro, but its heavier for me to carry .

$1400, is my final price, can't go more than that its the price ill pay after tax. Air, comes under my price range and i was wondering how's the performance, can it play 1080p mkv easily ? if u bump up the ram $100 is it worth it ?

Is there any new release coming up for pro or air ? i tried OSX for the first time yesterday, i find awkward to use but ill get use to it .

anyone with macbook air, can u please tell me about its cpu performance and if i bump the ram to 8gb ?