Having problem with Verge CES coverage (video)


I am a huge The Verge fan, really, i mean it. But I am quite disappointed with the CES coverage. Not all of it , but the video content in general and it's distribution I think, personally, that it is not what we are used to from this website.

The main problem lies in the fact that the Youtube channel has been completely left behind, and I have no aparent way of watching all videos from the same place. The only option seems going from hands on to hands on to see if it has a video, and then watch it. Something I don't find useful due to the amount of content available.

But this issue does not only extend to hands on videos, but also to T.V. shows themselves! Top Shelf finished it's first episode, and it seems there is no other way but to go to their livestream service archive to find it. That seems so weird to me.

Hope they can fix this soon, maybe for future events. Some sort of in-site video hub, since Youtube seems not to be used so much, and there is so many video conect.


Love you guys. Really.