Sony Xperia ZL.... I like where we're headed

The Sony Xperia ZL was recently announced and to my surprise it is the "lower end" model to the Xperia Z. The ZL is thicker, made of a less quality build, and is not waterproof. But too me, that stuff doesn't matter as much. Aside from it being thicker.

One way where the ZL is ahead of the curb than other other smartphone, not just the Z, is that the phone is close to being bezeless. While carrying the same 1080p camera and 13 MP camera.

Here is the part that stunned me:

ZL: Height - 5.18, Width - 2.74 (Inches)

Galaxy S3: Height - 5.38, Width - 2.78

Going way back now

Galaxy Nexus: Height - 5.33, Width - 2.67

The phone with the 5 inch screen is smaller and not as wide as the S3 and it's also not as tall as the year old Galaxy Nexus.

To get to the point, people were complaining about big screens because they were unusable with one hand but with this phone it changes all that. The ZL is better for one handed use than the Galaxy S3. I want these OEMs to get cutting that bezel off. I can't wait to see what this years Nexus is going to look like.