Switching to Android from iOS. And theres no going back!

I have been a long time dedicated iOS user. To the point where the manager and I make small talk and I get sent to a more dedicated employee. Once they even took their top guy from a someone just to talk to me. This made me always like Apple customer service but I think its time to change!

Android seems like the only other viable solution.

I chose Android because windows phone has a lack of developer support especially Google. I love all and use most of all of Google's service. So buying an Android phone would not only be a change of pace but also a productivity booster. BB10 seems nice... but idk... Its just that blackberry thing I can't get over. If you think its good, feel free to say so in the comments.

I seem to always go back to iOS. But this time, it's different.

The Android Platform has seen a vast improvement with ICS which IMO almost made it on par with iOS but Project Butter in Jellybean really did it over the top for me.

I still have figure out which phone I'm going to buy. Nothing Touchwiz please. Touchwiz looks really ugly. It may have improved functionality but it doesn't seem that usable. I'm on AT&T and would rather have an unlocked phone but not a priority. So what do you think? Nexus 4? Xperia Z? Let me know in the comments!