Why Apple probably won't sell a touchscreen computer even if they wanted to...

I was watching the announcements coming out of CES 2013 and realized that Apple can NEVER build a touchscreen computer even if they wanted to. Now that they, Apple, and all of their journalist followers have been so disrespectful of Microsoft and Windows 8, they will have too much egg on their face to build something that the market truly wants.

Right now, it looks like Windows 8 is a product looking for a market, much like the tablet of 2003. But then Apple comes along with both the iPhone and iPad and changes the market for touch products. Of course, Steve Jobs, was initially skeptical of the touch screen until Apple developed their own solution (go back and watch the 2007 iPhone keynote on youtube.) And of course, the loyal lieutenant, Tim Cook, makes a slide showing a Toaster and a Refrigerator and completely disses the idea of a touch screen on a computer. Then all of the anti-Microsoft bloggers who "tow the Apple line" write articles about how "terrible" Windows 8 is. (Which, of course, it isn't.)

So, what happens if Windows 8 takes off in the market? What if there is a killer app over the next few years that makes Win8 the must have OS? Does Apple ignore the market opportunity? Personally, I believe that Jobs hated the idea of fingerprints on his beloved iMac.

I read today that Apple completely missed the market for the Phone/Tablet and that Samsung is monopolizing right now. The article stated that the market for the Phone/Tablet could exceed $100 billion by 2015. Does Apple jump in with a stylus? In 2007, Jobs stated that Apple hated the idea of a stylus.

Also, if touchscreens on notebooks are so bad, then why does everyone with an iPad seem to have a keyboard case?