Why Am I So Excited By 4K On Phones?

So Qualcomm just announced that the next snapdragons can film in 4K. I'm not afraid to admit that that has me slightly aroused, though I have no idea why. Between tablets, PCs, phones, graphing calculators and TV's, I don't think there are 8 million pixels in my entire house, let alone on any one display. I could never watch the video, and it probably won't look that great coming out of a phone camera's sensor, but still, the idea of my pocket computer being able to create content I can't consume is bewitching. Is anyone else irrationally stoked about this?

Edit: Why is everybody confusing video with the display/dpi? I don't even have much interest in a 1080p screen on a phone, 720 does me fine. I'm talking about insanely far-off high res video that I can't watch even if I put together every TV my family owns. I know this'll be awful. You don't have to tell me that.