Which Keynotes have worked for you the best so far?

I think for me it's a tossup between Nvidia and Sony.

Both of them nicely tied up their various strands of products into a logical point.
Nvidia collected up it's GeForce, Tegra, Cloud racks and weird Shield thing into this vision of Gaming Anywhere. I'm not convinced it will all work out, but I enjoyed the ride. Some nice technical smarts in what they do.

Sony was all about the 4K. Screens, cameras, media. I think they came the closest to convincing me that this 4K gig just might work.

Samsung, though they showed alot of cool stuff, was far more of a jumble of bits and pieces. They have trouble putting together a clean coherent message. And still not making Smart TVs look friendly.

And Qualcomm, well, they just had to announce their chips. No complex vision. So they just put on entertainment to amuse the reporters for an hour.

LG, well, I didn't see them.