i want a laptop with stunning display

ok, so i actually need a laptop for the following purposes: net browsing, word processing, ppt.....the basics.

i have a wp8 device. my immediate thought would be to get a windows 8 laptop.

so i started looking.

i discovered the acer aspire i5 online and went to a microsoft store and examined it. it is gorgeous, even more so than the air. it's backlit keyboard is gorgeous with stunning soft blue back light. more importantly it had what i had been looking for in a windows laptop for a while: a high rez display. unfortunately it had two deal breakers: 1-crappy track pad that makes u wanna shoot yourself in the temple. 2-you need to sell your right kidney to afford it. so i am back to zero.

i read the recent engadget article about what lenovo is coming up with. awesome stuff. well built, stylish, and pretty variable form factor covering pretty much every price point. looks great so i studied the specs. sadly, neither the U nor the Z nore the thnkpads have high rez displays. so i am back to zero.

so now i d like to discuss 2 concepts:

1-i am beginning to think of the surface pro, because i liked the track pad of its physical keyboard and because it is coming wth highrez display plus full fledged office. it is also gorgeous. so now i ask you: is it realistic to think of the pro as a true total substitute for a laptop? for those who already have a surface, what are the situations that made you feel that the surface is incapable of replacing a laptop?

2-what explains the lack of high rez displays in windows 7 and windows 8? i have always been envious of the mac and air screens due to the high resolution of their displays. why are such screens rare in the windows world? heck, after i did some online research, it turns out that the 1920x1080 of the aspire is still well below the retina display resolution of the new macs. and most alarming is the age old rumor that apple signs contracts with suppliers that prohibit them from selling their materials to other oems. for instance, some techies believe that retina displays will never be available for windows oems because the suppliers of said displays have committed to sell their entire annual product to apple exclusively. but forget about the retina displays. how about some laptops with the humble 1920x1080? by the way, is the whole idea of apple locking down suppliers real or just another conspiracy theory?

update: so it seems that the highest resolutions and sharpest displays of 2013 are going to be surface pro and the z lenovo series. when you look at the z series spec sheets, they say HD/HD plus. does anyone understand the difference in ppi with respect to the "plus"?