Windows 8/RT App Spotlight, Part 5

It’s both hard to believe that it’s only and already been a week since part four of the Windows 8/RT app spotlight for third party apps.

After trying out many apps on the Windows Store, I have ultimately rounded-up a fresh batch of nine new additions to the spotlight. Alongside standard productivity and utility apps, I've made sure to include a few games— I've been trying out more recently, and I've liked quite a few.

If you haven't already, be sure to check out parts one, two, three, and four of this app spotlight.

Audiobook 8 Pro
$1.49, free ad-supported version available


If you happen to prefer listening to books to reading them—whether on occasion or as a regular habit, you certainly have come to appreciate LibriVox’s efforts in the audiobook realm. Audiobook 8 Pro is an app that makes searching and downloading audiobooks an absolute breeze.

Shuriken Ninja
Free, $1.49 to remove ads


There are many casual games for Windows 8, and Shuriken Ninja is certainly among them. Rather than flinging emotionally deranged feathered balls at curiously bourgeois swine, you are a sneaky ninja whipping out your shuriken for target practice.

Free, $1.49 yearly to remove ads


As a university student, more frequently than I really want, I find myself in need of memorising massive chunks of information for upcoming tests. Rather than use paper cards to quiz myself, however, I’ll be turning to FlashQuiz—a nifty notecard quiz and study app.



I hadn't played this game before a couple days ago, but it just keeps pulling me back. LINX is a challenging game in which you destroy chunks of blocks à la Tetris, but instead of falling blocks and a long chamber, you’re given a small square and an assortment of any three coloured pieces.



Wikipedia really ought to have been on this spotlight from the very start, but as it somehow escaped being installed on my desktop, I had forgotten just how beautiful this app is—and its handy search functionality makes it all the more useful.



The official Epicurious app for Windows 8 and RT is a handy tool for people who like to cook what they eat to find new and interesting recipes.

Piano Time Pro
$2.99, free ad-supported version available


It seems that no touch-based platform would be complete without at least a dozen or so piano apps, and Windows 8 and RT are no exception to that rule. Thankfully, Piano Time Pro, while ultimately a pretty simple app, provides plenty of functionality to keep you tapping away as you try to figure out the tune to your favourite video games.

Periodic Table
Free with ads, $1.49 to remove ads


Periodic Table is—you guessed it—a periodic table app. It provides critical details on each of the elements and also includes links to about a half dozen websites for each element that provide additional data.

Free with minor limitations, $3.99 for full* game


ARMED! is a turn-based strategy game with both skirmish and multiplayer modes. You can have many games going at a time—simply pick them back up where you left off when you have the chance.

* ARMED! Is DLC-enabled, though there currently is no DLC available.

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