Pop-up ads? Really?

Hey, Verge - the late 90's called. They want their terrible user experience back. Seriously, though, I could not be more disappointed with the decision to run intrusive pop-ups on the mobile site. The Verge is supposed to be a leader in the field, moving forward with new and creative ideas. I understand the need to pay for what has been such great content, but this is the most offensive and least imaginative way possible. When an ad has such a tiny "x" that trying to click it closed results in accidentally clicking on the very thing a user wants to avoid, that is deceptive both to the reader and to the client who paid for the ad. If you can't come up with less offensive ways to monetize from your huge reader base, maybe you're not as great as you think. If I continue to have to close tabs that are accidentally overrun with ads, I may find myself realizing that I don't actually need to waste my time here.