Just a thought

I never been to CES so I won't make any assumptions on how demanding the show is. I just wanted to say that a couple of things

  • The constant complaining and mocking of being at CES and covering it makes reading about it uncomfortable.
  • It feels like one big inside joke- as a tech enthusiast I get some of it-but as I'm not a journalist most of it I won't.
  • The coverage is high quality and has very high product but it lacks passion. When I read tweets from reporters twitter accounts and watch Nilay's hands on with the Vizio tablet/phone it lacked passion and excitement.
  • Its not only Verge reporters doing it, but even reporters over at Ars Technica. I'm not saying they shouldn't, I just think they are over doing it to the point of alienating some people,
  • If the show is really as bad as reporters make it out to be. Than why not call them out on it. This is one thing I never understood about tech journalist. On podcast and in editorials they will criticize companies and products with much passion- they interview an exec and ask easy questions. Tell those Ceo's or executives you interview to their face that their presentation was shit, you call their products shit on podcast with zero hesitation.