Issues with displaying videos on The Verge using Chrome for the desktop and iPad

I use Chrome as my main browser of choice. Youtube and any video embedded on any web page works wonders for me. However, for some reason videos on The Verge do not show up. The Flash part of the video does show up, with a big dark grey rectangle on display. This does not happen with all videos on The Verge (the Vergecast and random video reviews will be fine). For instance, yesterday the hands-on with Firefox OS at CES would display properly in Chrome, but when I clicked to play it the video simply didn't show up. But other videos were fine. The video worked properly in Firefox and IE.

With all the videos that give me problems in Chrome on the desktop, those same videos also crash Chrome for the iOS, every single time. Whenever a page with a problem video is loaded, it simply crashes the entire app. This does not happen with Mobile Safari.

Is there any explanation for this phenomenon or a fix for it? I once reinstalled Chrome on the desktop and that fixed it for about 2 launches, then the problem came back again.