Is the Windows RT experiment done already?

There is a lot of good things coming from CES but saddly, next to nothing regarding Windows RT devices.

Granted, Windows RT devices debuted recently, neither support for newer, faster ARM SoC nor newer models has been or are expected to be announced. This means that for the next 3 quarters at least, Windows RT will still be sold with the dated Tegra 3 and S4 SoCs only while Apple may release an even faster iPad 5 and Android will keep having newer, braver faster tablets avaliable.

Not even the just announced Tegra 4 will be able to overcome the innovation that is comming from AMD and specially Intel, x86 may not be the best for cellphones but the value of the arquitecture on tablets and ultrabooks is something ARM can only compete with in terms of price, and if history has thought us anything it is that the faster processor always wins, just look at VIA for instance, that offered very affordable CPUs with low performance, not even the attractive prices of its arquitecture where enough to compete against AMD and Intel. What is worst, is that we may expect Tegra 4 tablets at years end.

So, if the value proposition of Windows RT is poor today, what it would be a few months down the road?, has it been worth for Microsoft to release a product that they now have to support and maintain and gives a very stable and cohesive platform unwanted fragmentation? Not only Microsoft has to spend resources on Windows RT but developers also need to spend time and resources optimizing code to run on ARM hardware, and if you are like me with a Surface RT tablet, you have experienced first hand how buggy software in the store is on ARM hardware and you have to wait several weeks till is optimized to be good enought for ARM (Rocked Riot, Hydro Thunder, Nook app, Amazon App, Netflix, Ilimilo, etc..., etc...)