Pantech Discover, first of many?

This phone does not seem like it was made by the Pantech I know. It has a 720P display, a 4.8" screen, removable battery, microsd card slot, 4G, and a very unique design. When I think of Pantech I think of cheap plastic, crappy UI, free on contract devices(maybe that's Samsung ;D) but this device while still inexpensive seems to hit all of the points a high end device would have 6 months ago(except for that UI).



The point that makes the difference for me though is the design. The Discover has great curves and seems to take cues from Sony's high end phones which have similar inward curves on their phones. I just wonder if Pantech will continue trying to find where it fits among high end phones. The Pantech Flex was also a pretty unique device and makes me believe that they will continue this trend and keep putting out better and better phones.



The timing seems right as OEMs like HTC are having a hard time growing or even staying afloat. Does anyone think that Pantech may be stepping up their game and if so would you consider getting a Pantech phone in the future? What would they have to change?