X1 Carbon Touch - Love/Hate. Sending it back :(

Been a long time Lenovo fan, and I still think they make some of the best laptops out there, regardless of OS/platform. Finally decided to upgrade my old thick-as-hell R61 from 6 years ago (which still runs fairly well once its been turned on and done its initial loading).

Just got the X1 Carbon Touch yesterday, and I was amazed at its build quality & design. The materials, keyboard, trackpad ect were all phenominal. In fact, the track pad was about on par with Macbook Pros which have long been the best by a long shot.


The second I booted this thing up, I noticed a very annoying (and glaring) flaw. At least for me. Grain. Blur. Whatever you want to call it. Apparently there is an anti-reflective coating on the panel. This actually worked very well at keeping reflections to a minimum. However, it caused everything to be slightly blurry/grainy. Text, websites, the start screen tiles. Everything. Scrolling was also extremely blurry.

So I guess I will wait for lower power Intel chips and a better screen. I tend to stick with Lenovo as their form factors, built quality, features, keyboard (and now trackpad) are what I consider the best all around in the PC world.

Anybody else have one and notice this? Hopefully its not something you only notice now that I said it, and are now raging :o