My Nexus 4 broke. And Google are gonna fix it.

I'm a very careful user. Got myself a Poetic Borderline case because the Google case was out of stock. I haven't dropped a phone in almost four years. When I did, it was my iPhone 3G and even though the damage was small, I've never forgiven myself.

Well, about 30 minutes ago, I got into a huge panic when I noticed a crack on the glass back plate of my Nexus 4.

I haven't dropped it.

I haven't placed it down hard on any surface.

I've made sure my breathing is kept shallow whenever I touch it.

I mean, I knew this would happen. Stupid glass back.

Well, I gave Google a call after finding a free-phone number on the interwebs and let them know what had happened.

Now I've got a replacement on the way. I don't even have to send off the cracked phone until the new one arrives.

Didn't even have to leave the house.

And just when I thought Google hated me after making me wait eight weeks for the thing. Awesome.