Roku has made a big push to gets its Streaming Stick bundled with TVs from multiple manufacturers, with Haier just one of the companies on board. Roku had a demo of the stick in action at Haier's booth here at CES, which simply plugs into one of the MHL-capable HDMI ports on Haier’s new 2013 TVs. After that you’re greeted to the standard Roku interface, giving access to plenty of streaming media from services like Netflix and Amazon. There’s even some light gaming to be had Angry Birds runs on the stick without any issues, with players controlling the game with Roku’s motion control remote. Cramming everything into a stick doesn't seem to affect performance either: the experience is comparable to a standalone Roku box. The ultimate goal for Roku is to integrate its interface directly into TVs, but bundling the sticks should help the company keep other streaming boxes at bay for now.