Awesome CES coverage from The Verge - who agrees?

I'm from the UK, where using the word awesome is almost a criminal offence against the Queen's English, that will certainly land me in jail, but I'm prepared to take a risk here and say by Day 1 already Verge's CES coverage is just an awesome blend of editoral/video/liveblogs and general web coverage.

I thought Top Shelf this afternoon (8th Jan) - where Nilay got the video headset on - was a very well produced show, up to mainstream TV news standards.

The Website - Compared to the competitors - Engadget - well that so called refresh of their website, is looking laim and useless for CES. Cnet - I can never find their live video easily. Again, the Cnet linear website design is completely unsuited to this.

The Editoral - love the 4K coverage with Josh's scepticism.

Love the headlines - "3D is dead", and "qualcomm's insane keynote in pictures and tweets"

If I have one criticism it is get the video onto Youtube quicker (though I caveat that with I don't know what % of your audience is coming from Youtube vs the website)

I have no idea of how you make any money whatsoever, but this is how it should be done. @scoobiesnacks