What Will It Take For Android To Get Its App Situation Together

How is Google going to get app developers to invest the same amount of care that they invest into Apple's ecosystem?

Its clear things are getting better, but, to me, they're still not good enough. To understand how to fix the problem, its necessary to understand the underlying cause.

Does Goggle not exert enough control unto its ecosystem? I do not think this is the problem, for Apple does not functionally filter the quality of apps any more than Google does. Apple filters for malicious content, and poorly advertised content (feel free to correct me if Im missing anything), and does not remove lazily coded apps, which is probably one of androids largest problems.

Is the problem that there are just so many more iPhones, Apple attracts more/better developers? Obviously not, because android marketshare has been exceeding Apple's for some time now.

Part of the problem may at this point be out Google's control. Most of us won't deny Google had a pretty slow start in comparison to Apple, and now that Google has completely reworked their OS, devs are still catching up.

But Google still has the opportunity to do something to fix this. They seems to be on the right track, but things are still far from ideal. Google has to somehow create or provide incentive for devs to update their apps at the same speed the OS does, in the same way Apple devs have their software up to date in weeks.

I know not much about the behind the scenes coding, but i suggest, if possible, Google somehow remove the ability to develop apps with the old gingerbread and earlier style, and only provide tools for the modern ICS UI.

I'm tired of seeing apps like this.


via www.appsta.com

So, how do you all think Google can fix this? Time? Force? Developer tools?