Late last year, Casio announced a new model of its popular G-Shock Bluetooth-connected watch for the Japanese market, and a company representative has informed The Verge that the new GB-5600A will be making its way to the United States by the end of this summer. Just like the GB-6900 that we reviewed last year, the GB-5600A syncs with your phone using Bluetooth 4.0 and notifies you of phone calls, emails, and alarms with a light vibration. The new GB-5600A is still durable, but its unique design is a bit more subtle than the first G-Shock model. Although the company's watches currently only sync with iOS, Casio hopes to add support for Android devices within the next six months. Casio has not yet fixed a price for the GB-5600A, but told us that it will likely cost about as much as the G-Shock at $180.