Retail Marketting for Microsoft Products Has to Change

I was appalled when I walked into my local Future Shop in Canada as I have once a month since Microsoft launched Windows 8. Not only has nothing changed, but the situation has gotten worse. - Windows 7 signs are still up behind Windows 8 machines which are crowded on a table with no useful identifiers to compare features - There was a new line of a few All-in-One PC's, two of which were clearly broken. There was a ridiculous Samsung design where the screen suspends on a plastic arm which was clearly cracked and pulling out from the base. - There has been NO, I repeat NO, tablets or hybrids made available or on display besides the VivoTab RT which does not have the keyboard dock available and which is in front of a windows 7 sign beside the old Samsung W7 slate. How is anyone even questioning why PC sales aren't improving? It doesn't help when OEMS have 4 million models that are distinguished by some arbitrary code. For example. I can search for an Asus Vivobook on Amazon but when I get there I have this obscure model code which I have no reference point for on the Asus website. So I thought maybe I'll go check out the Windows Phones.... bad idea. The Lumia 920 was placed right beside the Lumia 900 with the same label despite being obviously different phones... I asked the associate and they didn't even notice the problem. This is such a shame... I'm so excited about Microsoft's new product line. I love my Lumia 920 and am planning to buy a Surface Pro but I'm honestly totally disheartened by this crap.