How do I block someone from messaging me in

Hello everybody. This has been severely bothering me for awhile, but its only really gotten annoying now. I have a bot which keeps on messaging me through my Microsoft Account, this bot is seemingly a hold-over from the old MSN Days, although since I never used bots I'm sure someone must have gotten my email and this thing keeps on messaging me.

Luckily though, its only this one bot that messages me, and it's once a day; but its annoying considering I have Skype associated to my account, and I also use my Windows Phone with this account. It is my main account and it uses my domain as an email address.

What I'm wondering is, is there any way I can block this...stupid thing from messaging me, either through appearing offline to it or blocking it. I have checked the People Hub on Outlook and the email of the bot isn't on my list. I have checked the settings over and over and now it's time to ask for help.

So Tribe, can you help me? Does anyone know how to block someone from messaging you?