Intel's 7W Ivy Bridge CPUs - Power saving through marketing

Thought this was an interesting article on Ars about the specifics of how Intel gets its new 7W rating for the recently announced Ivy Bridge CPU refresh. The new CPUs are more power efficient, but only slightly compared to 17W TDP Ivy Bridge processors. As one of the commenters on the article said, sounds like the actual tagline should be "Check out Intel's new lower speed chips! They use proportionately less power!"

I was debating whether the power savings would be significant between current Ivy Bridge processors and the new 7W ones, and whether it would affect my purchase decision if the Surface Pro came with the original 17W processor. Now I'm much less concerned about it... if they do go with the 17W CPUs, that will equate to a measurable performance increase over the new "7W" CPUs (which are actually closer to 13W based on the older TDP standard).