From iPhone 4 to Blackberry 10

My contract with VZW is almost up. I was super ecstatic about the Nexus 4 when it came out, and still leaning towards it. I am also content with iOS though. But part of me is really excited for Blackberry 10. I miss Blackberry, and after briefly using a Playbook, QNX is an awesome operating system. As far as app replacements, it seems BB10 will have Twitter & FB out of the gate, can anyone in the forums confirm the following:

Facetime replacement. I use Facetime here & there. With no Skype (yet), is there another third party app that will use the front-facing camera?

Instagram. Seems to be the social network of choice with my friends in 2012-present. Wonder if BB10 will ever get it considering WP8 still doesn't have it.

Group text. All of my friends use an iPhone. Group texts were an absolute mess with Android (see back & forth in the Android Army forums). My prior blackberry could group text. I'm hoping this stays par for the course. (disclaimer: I know iMessage, in its beta state, caused a lot of problems with SMS when people switched from an iPhone).

Maps. Google Maps? Please?

Airline Apps. Preferably United.

Shazam. Comes in handy from time to time.

I know I should probably post this on Crackberry, but I wanted to see if anyone on The Verge has some feedback.