I just ordered my first Apple product ever!

It's the new iPod touch in white. I wanted yellow, but it was out of stock. :(

Was this a good choice? I really wanted an Apple device for a year or so, but couldn't get it any earlier. I wanted something very portable, so I could either buy an iPhone or the new iPod touch. I decided to get the iPod because of its price, it costs the same as the iPhone 4, which has much worse specs, smaller screen and no real iOS 6, just some of its features. Newer iPhone were too expensive.

I'm really excited, because I really wanted to have a device made by Apple since I watched their original iPhone keynote on YouTube being sick and bored once in home last year. :P

I was a user of Xperia arc back then (I still am) and the first thing that came into my mind while watching the keynote was that iOS and the whole Apple is what Sony Ericsson used to be in their golden times of feature phones like K600i, W800i or K810i. I realised that they focus the most on the user experience and simplicity. Something Sony lost somehow when they started making their Android phones. Their feature phones were intuitive, beautiful, fast, had amazing UI. Exactly the same thing that hit me in this Apple keynote. I thought to myself they are the new Sony Ericsson!

I was a huge fan of Sony Ericsson phones to be honest. I was involved in many communities about them and excited for their every keynote. I somehow lost the interest when they said they are divorcing with Ericsson. I knew they weren't the same amazing company they used to be anymore and this only assured me that it's time to try something new, because my beloved company is not the same anymore.

I've been with Sony Ericsson from the beginning, I've never owned any phone made by other manufacturer. The Xperia arc - their last flagship is also my last phone made by them. It's been an amazing journey.

Coming back to the topic... xD

...tell me something about the iPod I will receive in a few days! What apps should I download? Was the iPod a good choice? Any interesting things my Android can't do that iPod can (I think there would be more things if I asked the opposite question :P)? Should I keep both the Xperia arc and iPod with me all the time, or maybe change my arc for some older Sony Ericsson phone, like W980i (<3) because I loved them? That would be a good solution, but what would I do to have wifi then? I can use my Android as a hotspot, but the battery wouldn't last a few hours then I think. So many questions.

Looking forward to your comments and sorry for my English. :P