Clover Trail - is it worth it?


In the search to find a tablet that can be a real tool to me, I've decided a few things:

1) Needs to have a digitizer with a pen

2) I want to try Windows 8

3) I'd be fine with the Office suite included in Windows 8 RT, however, I haven't come across any RT tablets with digitizers.

This leaves me with the x86 tablets, which is a plus in itself being able to run legacy software. However, choosing between Intel's Clover Trail or Ivy Bridge is the dilemma. Yes, I realize it ultimately comes down to what software I want to be able to run. For my purposes, a tablet will be a companion device, not a laptop replacement, thus an Atom processor should be fine.

However. If I can't do everyday multi-tasking in the desktop environment smoothly (i.e. 10 tabs open in chrome, torrenting in the background, and watching a HD video in VLC). I'm guessing I will see some noticeable lag while navigating around the OS when multitasking that heavily. Basically I want the most x86 performance I can get in a fanless tablet... I want Broadwell now lol.

What do you guys think? Would Clover Trail be a good enough companion device for you?