Web Browsers and Macbook Pro Retina

So I have a Macbook Pro Retina (entry level), and have learned that browsers are terrible on this machine.

Safari 6.0.2

  • Smooth as butter on most pages, but on certain websites, it chugs and has an extremely low framerate, such as Gmail.com, or even lo and behold, theverge.com.
  • Filling out forms and entering text in forum boxes, etc. is very unreliable. I find the cursor disappears, stutters, and jumps. As I finished typing that last sentence, the jumps flashed and disappeared, but reappeared as soon as I moved the cursor. Tough to do my online classes because of that.
Chrome Beta 24.0.1312.52
  • Slow performance and low frame-rates on most all websites unless I adjust settings under Chrome:Flags and enable GPU Compositing and Threaded Compositing, but then Youtube videos become choppy and no longer play as smooth as they normally play when those settings are on Default. Happens on both the beta and the latest stable release.
  • Even with GPU Compositing and Threaded Compositing enabled, sites like theverge.com have horrendous performance.
Firefox Beta 18
  • Slow performance everywhere, even with the new faster Javascript with IonMonkey.
Any thoughts? Should I try Opera?