Why aren't Windows phones sold on features?

It seems most ads are stuck at the user interface, selling the tiles, and maybe office integration. I'd think it'd be effective to do one-feature ads like the iPhone ones for things like touch with gloves, inductive charging, camera stabilization. It would be really easy to say something like the Nokia 920 has the best cellphone camera, because that is such a debatable opinion depending on how you're judging that. It just seems strange to me, that these things are either not used in the ads or are glossed over.

Sort of how the Surface ads are mostly about style. Why not say something like "has largest 3rd party device ecosystem." Sell the USB/driver support, etc. The angled camera. Not just that it has a touch cover, but why that is significant (you won't leave it behind).

Eh, just something that puzzled me about the ads.