What Apple products did you buy in 2012...and why?

Hi all,

I was actually writing a reply to a great post about what products we carry with us (i.e., whats in your bag..), when i realised that in 2012, i completely transitioned from PC and Android, to Mac and iOS. Although it was by no means accidental, i had no idea that i had managed it all in under 1 year.

So what Apple products did you buy in 2012...and why?

Here's my list,

Macbook pro with retina display 15" - Base model

Having previously used Windows only for the past 13 years, i decided that If i was going to make the switch, then now is the time to do so. As a result, i bought a Macbook pro with retina display on finance. It's, thin, relatively light, fast and it has that beautiful display. Plus i got a great discount through a friend that works at my local Apple store. It has quickly become my new favourite gadget and the best laptop I've ever used.

iPhone 4s 16gb - Black

Until March 2012 i'd been using a GS2. When It was time for an upgrade I chose an iPhone 4s. It's got all the apps i could want and somehow it's both small enough and large enough at the same time?! Also i've never had a problem with battery life, i can go 2 days without much concern. I'll definitely be upgrading to the next iPhone (5s/6).

iPad 3 16gb - Black

I originally bought an iPad 2 in February 2012 but at the end of June i noticed a white dot under the glass of the display. It was very annoying so i took it to my local Apple store where they offered me a swap for another one. I had the receipt and the bag that they originally gave it to me in so i asked if it was possible to upgrade to the 3rd gen and pay the difference, to my delight, the manager came over with a brand new iPad 3 and said there was no charge! Now that i've been using it for the last 7 months it has become a valuable part of my life. I take it everywhere, when i shoot weddings and events I can quickly show clients their photos to see if their happy with the results etc. A truly useful, all-round tablet.

Looking forward to reading your replies so thanks in advance!