Anyone else think that Google Now should be on the lock screen?

Firstly, I'm not talking about the way it looks; I'm talking about the way it works.

Secondly, I'm talking about the Google Now cards as distinct from Voice Search. Yes, they are in the same app, but they serve two different funtions.

Google Now: Contextual information made available when you need it

Voice Search: Voice control/search

The thing is that we have to open up the Google Now screen to see that information 'when we need it'. But if you are opening the app, then you are aware that there is some info you might need - so why not just go to the appropriate app straight away and save yourself the bother. Or use a 'contextual' app like 'around me' for local info, if that's what you were after.

If the Google Now cards are going to show us what we need to know when we need to know it, they need to be on the screen *before* we do the thing for which we originally got the phone out of our pocket.

Surely the place for that is the lock screen?