Should I wait for next gen retina MBP?

Hi all,

So I received a MBP 13" as a very late graduation gift/Christmas present from my parents. However, evidently my dad meant to purchase one of the new retina pros (the 13" I assume) and somehow ended up getting the wrong one. I'm not sure how that happened, but I digress. So, I need to return this computer at some point and exchange it for the right one, but I got to wondering, considering it is already January, if I would be better served waiting for the computers to be updated (probably at WWDC in June?) I really want the retina MBP; honestly I'd love the 15", but i think I'd probably be getting the 13". However, given the complaints about the integrated graphics not being able to handle some tasks on the 13", along with the relatively short wait time, would I be better served asking my parents to just return the one I received and hold of until the line is refreshed? Opinions would be appreciated :)