On the Use of NFC

So recently It came to my attention that NFC is (relatively) common on high-end smartphones. For some reason today I was thinking about the Samsung commercial with Android Beam. I got to thinking about how amazing it really is, and how accepted it is. People just blow it off as "another feature".

I think of it as much more than that. It really is a marvel that we have these amazingly thin computers in our pockets that we can connect to anyone of our friends anytime with either your voice or written word. Now we can even transfer whole files between two of these devices. Just touching them together, and you now have your friend's photo. No wires, no wasted time, just a tap and wait. It really is a shame that most people don't use it.

Sure there are more amazing things about these devices, but this is one thing that I had a little revelation about today. Anyway, how long until iOS users are all over great it is? Right now they just "don't need it." Sure, but when you have, I guarantee you that they will love using it.

This wasn't meant to be an Apple-hate thread, but it sort of became one with my last statement. So my question to you is, why isn't it big, and will it ever be/when would it be?