Samsung essentially created the market for the in-between smartphone — a device that could ostensibly take the place of both a smartphone and a tablet — with its wildly popular Galaxy Note lineup. (The Korean phone-maker recently boasted that it has sold over 38 million Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note II smartphones worldwide.) The Galaxy Note 3, available this month for $299.99 on-contract from all four major US carriers, is an evolution of Samsung’s very successful idea: it’s faster, slimmer, and nicer than last year’s Note II, but it doesn’t fundamentally upend the Galaxy Note experience.

But since the first Note’s introduction in 2011, competitors have flooded the market with phones that are bigger than ever before. None have been able to match Samsung’s breakaway success yet, though, and none have really given users a compelling reason to have such a large phone. Can Samsung’s minor tweaks make the Note 3 more than just a bigger screen, and allow the device to keep its status as king of the huge phones?