When I was in high school, I fantasized about leaving my numerous spiral bound notebooks behind in favor of a handheld digital drawing board. That technology didn’t arrive in the form of the iPad until after I finished college, but that didn’t stop me from buying one the weekend it was released, along with that weird rubbery case and a $30 stylus. I used the stylus maybe three times, and it wasn’t at all like taking notes in my notebook — it was more like drawing on a tiny white board with a thick marker. Using my finger wasn’t nearly as precise, but it was just so much easier.

Last year’s Galaxy Note 10.1 promised to finally bring all the stylus power of Samsung’s Note smartphones to a big-screen tablet, but its upsides were utterly defeated by the device’s crippling performance issues. Now Samsung is back with a new and improved 10.1 that aims to win over my pen-and-paper-loving heart. On paper, it seems like the Note 10.1 is the perfect combination: industry-leading specs coupled with the new S Pen, the world’s highest-tech #2 pencil.

A big screen. A pen. Plenty of power. The $549.99 Galaxy Note 10.1 has everything it needs to kill the three-ring binder once and for all. Right?