iPad Mini (2013) Nexus 7 (2013) or nothing?

Hi Verge forum users,

I'm hesitant between a couple tablets, as to which to buy. I'm a student, and currently own a MBA. So the tablet is going to be used alongside with the laptop. Therefore I didn't wanted a "full size" tablet as when it comes to bigger screens, my laptop would fit. For these reasons I've grown a lot more interest in smaller tablets like the Nexus 7 (2013 model) and iPad mini. However I can't seem to decide which to buy.

Like I said I'm student, and the tablet is going to be used mostly for media consumption: news, mail, browsing, games, movies and reading. No real serious note taking as I use my laptop for that. After checking the market and see what would fit, I decided that the best would be a choice between the N7 or the iPad mini.

iPad mini would be good for iCloud to use calender / agenda syncing with my laptop (and my iPhone), though for some reason I seem to be more drawn towards Android as it's a little more open source than iOS (movies and file manager).

Has anybody owned both of these tablets? Anyone have a recommendation as to which to buy? In case it's the iPad mini, I will wait for the 2013 model which will retail where I live for about 340 euro's, where's the N7 retails for 250 euro's (32 gigs)