For those who sold yyour ipad, how'd you do it?

NOTE- this is not an advertisement. I have no link to my product and am not soliciting buyers.

I currently own an Ipad 3rd generation model.. the new ipad or whatever the one from 2012 is called (retina display, LTE)

I want to unload it before Apple announces the new models.. I'm sure many here have done that. I listed it on craigslist (and keep renewing it) and literally have had 1 person email me with a question about it. i can't give this thing away it seems. I thought maybe I priced it too high, but its craigslist, everything is negotiable and everyone knows that there

For those who have sold an Ipad, any tips/advice? Similar situaitons? Is the 3rd generation Ipad unsellable because it literally has no name? Should I just call it Ipad 3?