Audio article narration...

With the beautifully shot and narrated video that The Verge produces, it would be interesting to see them expand their talents to another media format. Namely audio narration of the long-form articles and reviews it publishes. I have been interested in this idea for a while now. It stems from my struggle for time to read all of the long form "cover stories" and reviews while maintaining myself as a productive member of society.

The videos produced on this site are great. However, they do not always include all of the detail, information and insight the article contains. Having the entire article available to listen to (as well as read), might increase ones understanding of its content by gaining an insight into the authors intent; especially (but not limited to) if narrated by said author.

We have become a society that thrives on multitasking. We constantly look for new ways to consume content while being productive. I know this would increase my ability to absorb the interesting and engaging articles on The Verge while maintaining some level of productivity.

How about you?