Does Apple employees deserve an extended holiday?


Oh yes, I am not the CEO of Apple. I don't have the right to decide on the freedom of Apple employess.

But the recent works from Apple don't seem to be up to the usual Apple standard. iOS 7, presumably their most important product, is full of bugs and performance issues. ( at least for me) They are minor and do not hamper the major experience, but just not up to the standard. I don't think it's time for Apple to celebrate its success. The market is more competitive than ever. It's needs to be stay more nervous and focused than ever, disregarding all the good statistics like revenue or profits or usage share or whatsoever.

I am not asking Apple to churn out a revolutionary product at regular intervals. It needs to focus even more energy than ever to create even greater products that have even more attention to detail and even more fit and finish than Apple is known for. And the mindset that Apple is willing to give its employees a break doesn't seem to reflect that.

You may think I am blowing things out of proportion. Well, big problems start small.