Are people really that confused by Win8 and Win8 RT? No one seemed confused when Jobs said the iPhone runs OS X!

I really don't get all the negative comments by reviewers and commenters who just parrot those reviewers. The Pro which is priced like an ultrabook can do everything an ultrabook can do. The Surface RT which is priced like a mobile TABLET, can do everything a mobile tablet can... like only run mobile apps. What is so confusing about this concept? Who in their right mind thinks that they are buying a slimmer then a MacBook Air, high spec'd x86 ultrabook with a touchscreen and amazing quality, for the paltry price of $350?Did these same journalists and commenters think that the iPhone was a MacBook when Steve Jobs adamantly claimed that the first iPhone ran OS X???Sources:Engadget:‎Tuaw:'s iPhone release by Jobs: Macworld Keynote Expo 2007