Bluetooth Headset vs Bluetooth Car Speaker Conundrum


I have been getting a lot of calls when I am travelling nowadays and I have a strict policy of not talking while driving. But am having to break those rules once in a while now.

Trying to decide a good hands-free option when driving, considering the following. My car is not a premium one and does not have in-built bluetooth capability for calls but does have aux in and oh yes on highways at 70 mph, it gets a little noisy. I am not interested in streaming music through the car speakers but hearing my call on the car speakers would be nice not necessary.

- Bluetooth headset


- Bluetooth speaker on the sun visor above driver side

If you have experience with both, what would you suggest from the above in terms of pros and cons. Any specific brands that in your experience has been good. Trying to stay within a tightish budget.

Thank you in advance.