Microsoft Needs a Suggestion Box... My Suggestion: Microsoft Bundle

So I have been thinking about this for awhile now, but I decided to put this idea on paper. Microsoft is the only company I can think of that has the power to reach across many aspects of online services. From Music to Office they have many boxes checked. Now that they are becoming a Devices and Services Company, I think its time they release a product that meets it head on. Hence I want to introduce my idea, the Microsoft Bundle.


Xbox Live Gold - $60/year - $10/m

Xbox Music - $100/year - 10/m

Skype Premium - $60/year - $10/m Plus - $20/year - ~$2/m

Skydrive 100GB - $50/year - ~5/m

Office - $100/year - $10/m

Total Cost: $390/year / ~$47month

Microsoft Bundle (Includes all the above and more):

  • $30/month

  • $300/year ($60 savings)

  • $750/ 3 years ($250/year)

  • $1,125/ 5 years ($225/year)

  • $1,400/ 7 years ($200/year)

  • $2,000/ Life-Time

Other Perks Benefits

  • First access to pre-orders on Microsoft Products

  • Exclusive deals and content across all product lines

  • Unified Rewards System (Bing Rewards on Steroids)

  • Preferred Appointment Times at Microsoft Store (Microsoft Store VIP)

  • Extended Warranty on All Microsoft Created Products

  • Exclusive Forum for Microsoft to Take Suggestions

  • Provide a Card to get discounts on Microsoft Products at non-MS stores (Possible Digital card attached to Owners phone, that way friends don’t pass them around)

  • Get Access to 5 Copies of the Latest Windows Release

Microsoft’s Benefits

  • Build a fan base

  • Create an aura of Superiority ("I'm a Microsoft VIP") over Apple/Google/Samsung

  • Get meaningful feedback from users on their "special" forum

  • Gives a reason for someone to buy a Microsoft Device if they purchases any level of these subscriptions.

    (And Countless More)


    So what do you guys think? Would you buy a bundle of this calibre? If so what price point and why?