Is the iPad (or an Android tablet) ready to be my main computer?

So I long have been what people call a "power user" during my university and PhD years (in natural sciences), using my personal MacBooks (Pro) for my research and writing. However, I just started my first real job, and the nature of field requires me to always get a work computer, which I of course never can/want to use for personal stuff.

So essentially I come home and browse the web, write e-mails/messages and watch movies/youtube on my MacBook. Occaisionally I use Skype, transfer some photos from my DSLR (I am NOT serious about taking photos its an entry level model) or take some notes in evernote. The MacBook seems oversized and I think might be better off with just and iPad?

Anyone made a similar transition? Pittfalls I might overlook?

PS: I also own a full-sized (gaming PC), which has just Chrome on it. Covers most of my computing needs already.

PPS: A friends needs a cheap, good MacBook (mine), while Apple probably updates the iPad any minute ... so the opportunity sparked the thought here.