Switched to Android today...

...and I have only 4 words...I FREAKING LOVE IT !

I've switched from an iPhone 4 to a Motorola Razr i running 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. I know this isn't the latest version but I don't need the latest and greatest.

As soon as I took the device out of the box, held it in my hand and turned it on, I realised just what I'd been missing by using an iPhone. Larger screens are fantastic ! My new device has a 4.3 inch display, hardly huge, but also much bigger than the 3.5 inch I'm used to on my iPhone 4. Having the extra screen real estate for web browsing for example is just awesome. I never knew quite what I was missing out on by using such a small device in the past.

Then, there's expandable storage. My iPhone 4 was an 8GB model. When I first got it I thought that would be enough for me, but it simply wasn't. After taking a lot of photos and having some music on my iPhone, along with apps and their data, that storage was quickly used up. My Razr has 8GB of internal storage but has the ability to use up to 32GB Micro SD card, so my storage worries are remedied already.

Lastly there's the OS itself. After using Android on a primary device most of day, I then went back to my iPad to do some tasks. iOS, even with iOS 7, looks extremely dated and I already missed Android. I don't want all my apps on my home screen, I want information that's available for me to glance at quickly and I want a great notification system where I can easily see what I've got to get done next. All these are possible on Android. It was refreshing to be able to have only the apps I use the most on my home screen rather than all of them in a grid, it makes the device mine and not just simply another iPhone. Quick glance information is available in the form of widgets, which I never thought I would find useful, but really do. I don't use many, but simply ones such as for the Calender, Weather and Music make for a much more customisable and efficient OS than iOS. Lastly, notifications. I always believed notifications on iOS to be pretty good. I never bought into all the complaints. But after using Android, iOS notifications are simply horrid. I love that my device has a notification LED and that I have a small icon in my status bar telling me what's left to be looked at. I love that I can easily clear notifications by swiping them away, instead on tapping on a tiny icon on the iPhone. Then, the option to discard all notifications is invaluable and something totally unavailable on stock iOS.

These are only a few reasons I now love Android and I'll probably find others as the days go on, but all I know is now I've had a taste, I could never go back to using iOS on my phone.