Windows has no momentum for high-dpi displays

I have to wonder how this is going to play out. The 8.1 update is less than a month away, and presumably along with it a host of high-dpi display laptops and tablets (that will come at a premium). So far I've yet to find a single application outside of Microsoft's stuff and the store apps that are updated to high-dpi settings. In fact several applications such as VLC, Steam, and Photoshop don't just have blurry text but broken UI's, which would render a purchase with one of these displays a complete waste in my book. Chrome finally has a flag for high-dpi in the Canary build, but turning it on crashes the application.

The rMBP was at least usable from day one.

I don't post this to be a dick to hypersensitive tribe members. I want to run Windows on my rMBP, and I'm frustrated that even after waiting all this time for 8.1 it's still virtually unusable.